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Review: Pages app for iPad PDF Print E-mail

The word processor app lets users easily create and share content-rich documents.

Review: Martha Stewart Cookies app PDF Print E-mail

The Martha Stewart Cookies app is great for baking enthusiasts. It's also the app that has convinced me that I want and need an iPad (and I've been swearing off tablets since they first appeared on the market). 

Review: FNB Banking App PDF Print E-mail

The FNB banking app has completely changed the way I do banking.

Review: Tweetbot for iOS PDF Print E-mail

I've tested several Twitter apps and first tried Tweetbot last year after Twitter for iPhone was given a major revamp to match its web interface. 

Top 5 iPad Games PDF Print E-mail

MJ Khan, our resident PlayStation game reviewer, drew up a list of his top 5 iPad games. 

Review: Navigon for iPhone PDF Print E-mail

Deciding on a mobile navigation system is not easy, especially if you're going to be spending up to about R550 on an app.

Review: Wiki-zine on the iPad PDF Print E-mail

It's a fairly simple concept: take Wikipedia articles and present them in a friendlier, more readable format. We're all familiar with magazines: the colourful elements, eye-pleasing design and stylised layouts all add a little something that makes it a more casual reading experience than, say, a newspaper.

Review: Infinity Blade for iPad PDF Print E-mail

Epic Games, loved by hardcore gamers for its two most popular franchises, Gears of War and Unreal (or Unreal Tournament), went on stage at Apple's Worldwide Developer conference last year and demonstrated a gorgeous-looking game for iOS.

Review: Find my iPhone PDF Print E-mail

Since its inception, Apple's Find my iPhone service was purely the domain of those who forked over $99 a year for the company's MobileMe service.


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