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BlackBerry App Review: PriceCheck PDF Print E-mail

When it comes to shopping for electronics and other bigger ticket items, I usually look around to see where I can find the best deal on a particular product.

App Review: Mars Explorer PDF Print E-mail

Thanks to the successful landing of Curiosity Rover there earlier this week, Mars (the planet) has surpassed Bruno Mars (the pop star) in the fame stakes.

App Review: All Rugby SA PDF Print E-mail

As I’ve already admitted in last week’s review, apart from being swept up in the fever-pitch excitement of the occasional major event, I’m not much of a sports fan.

BlackBerry Apps for the Olympic Games PDF Print E-mail

I’m not much of a sports fan. Confessing this is probably akin to sacrilege in a country like South Africa, where rugby and soccer reign supreme. However, I just don’t GET most sports.

App Review: NetQin Security PDF Print E-mail

Years ago, my laptop fell victim to the malicious “I love you” email virus that was doing the rounds at the time. It crippled my machine and, although it happened a good decade or so ago, I am still completely traumatised. 

App Review: TuneIn Radio PDF Print E-mail

I’m an enormous fan of radio. The first big purchase I made as a child – using my own meagre allowance - was a cheap, no-name, portable AM/FM transistor radio.

App Review: foursquare PDF Print E-mail

Over the past few months, I have noticed a curious trend: an increasing amount of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook were becoming mayors.

Review: Groupon app PDF Print E-mail

I have a terrible confession to make: I’m not trendy at all. I’m not just referring to my fashion sense or sad lack thereof (because really, my inability to accessorise is actually quite tragic), but to technology in general.

Review: Celebrity fan apps PDF Print E-mail

They fascinate; inspire (madness, or adoration – sometimes both); entertain; make us aspire; dream; weep; laugh and forget our own miserably mortal lives.

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