Column: Into the abyss of mediocrity PDF Print E-mail

Can you imagine if cars were sold like mobile devices and phones? Yes sir, not only do you get the basic model, but there is a whole list of factory approved and after market apps too.

Column: The low-down on Google+ PDF Print E-mail

Google+ for me is like the bizarre lovechild of Facebook and Tumblr, raised by Twitter. 

Column: The duplicity of anonymous PDF Print E-mail

Are they a bunch of acne-faced teenagers engaging in random acts of mob violence from their mothers' basements, or the true protectors of the Internet? Or both? It's a paradox – and one that begs questions about the true nature and power of the Net.

Column: Enough already PDF Print E-mail

I'm a generation-Yer. I'm supposed to love being constantly connected. And I do. Most of the time.

Column: How green is 3D? PDF Print E-mail

Going green is important if we want to keep living on this third rock from the sun for any appreciable time, and I like to think that I'm doing my bit. I recycle plastic bottles, put used paper out for collection, and when the pile of collected glass bottles gets too big, they get dropped off in a dedicated glass collection bin, too.


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