Column: Occupying Wall Street PDF Print E-mail

If the media of the day changes the people, what are we becoming through social media?

Column: That's me in the spotlight PDF Print E-mail

Do we need a whole new Internet to accommodate our own sense of self-importance?

Column: Balancing Act PDF Print E-mail

Buying new technology is a difficult balancing act. On the one hand there's what you absolutely, positively, and really want. Which, if you're a technology fan, is the latest and greatest in speed, memory and low mass.

Column: Oh really PDF Print E-mail

What do you expect from service providers? I expect them to deliver the service I'm paying for. Nothing more, nothing less.

Column: Head in the (public) cloud PDF Print E-mail
If you take a step back for a moment, the cloud can seem quite science fiction. It's the stuff of Star Trek: being able to access your data from anywhere with just a simple command.

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