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Game of Thrones is a Role Playing Game based on the popular TV show. For fans of the series, in particular those who intimately know the history of the Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen and Lannister families, this will be an awesome journey into Westeros.

The game focuses on two peripheral characters from the Game of Thrones universe - Mors Westford and Alester Sarwyck. Mors is a member of the Night's Watch, defending Westeros from evil beings from the other side of the Wall, while Alester is a nobleman who fled after Robert Baratheons's Rebellion years ago. However, you do fleetingly engage with a number of more well-known characters.

Unfortunately, the overall story is relatively boring and very generic. The dialogue is poor, the voice acting is awful and the result is that Mors and Alester come off as very one-dimensional and rather dull.

This is a typical class-based RPG: you customise your character, increase their skills and abilities as you progress and choose weapons and armour that increase damage or defensive skills. The skill trees are large, and customising your character to your style of play can be very tough, but it’s critical to your success in the game.

Combat is not completely real time – when engaged with a baddie you queue up attacks and execute them in a turn-based manner with your opponent. The controls are relatively simple: pressing X adds a general attack to the queue and holding down the bumper slows down time and gives you the opportunity to add a special combat move.
Strangely, the combat system works well. Even though you feel more disconnected from real-time battle, queuing up the right sequence of attacks is a little more strategic and lot of fun.  The one negative aspect is that there are a number of combinations that work really well and you tend to stick to what you know. The result is that combat eventually degenerates into very repetitive gameplay.
Unfortunately, the game is not very polished. There are a number of frame rate issues that occur during combat that make feel like the combat isn’t very real, many of the side quests feel very superfluous to the story and the character animations, audio and music are rather poor.
It feels as if the developers, Cyanide, just didn’t feel the need to polish off the game. Long sections of boring dialogue are punctuated by short stints of repetitive action – for almost 30 hours. While fans will love the foray into Westeros, the game is not good enough to stand up to some of the excellent RPGs released over past 12 months.
Pros: Will appeal to fans of the series; interesting character skill trees and attributes; turn-based combat works well.
Cons: Boring story; one dimensional characters; terrible voice acting; poor music; frame rate issues.
Score: 4/10
Achievement difficulty: 7/10
Price: R500

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