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Being required to say a secret password out loud is not something most of us have had to do since we were kids and wanted to gain access to the fort.

The Voicelok Voice Authenticating USB is the first of its kind flash drive to require users to say a password before allowing them access to the data contained on it.

While voice recognition software is nothing new (and gaining in popularity thanks to Apple’s Siri), it is reportedly the first time the technology is used as a security measure to protect information on a USB drive and guard against identity theft.

Up until now, many USB flash drives have kept data private by requiring the personal touch of fingerprint recognition, but the makers of Voicelok says that this is the first USB in the world to use voice code technology.

The manufacturer claims that the device is able to “accurately detect the specific frequencies and nuances” in its owner’s voice before it will “open, Sesame!” In the event that you forget your password or lose your voice due to illness, there is an alternate secure entry through which you can gain access to your sensitive information.

The drive, which has an 8 GB storage capacity, is compatible with both Macs and PCs and requires no software to install. It is perfect for storing sensitive information such as financial data, password and login details to various accounts, and a list of your contacts. Red and green LED lights on the device will indicate when it is locked and unlocked.

The Voicelok USB is available locally from online retailer WantItAll. Peace of mind doesn’t come cheaply, though, since you will have to shell out a hefty R865 for one.

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