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How do I set up the phone for POP3 email?

  1. Find "Cellular Data Network"
    Press Settings.
    Press General.
    Press Network.
    Press Cellular Data Network.

2. Enter APN name: Press APN below Cellular Data and key in myMTN

3. Enter username: Press Username below Cellular Data and key in MTN

4. Enter password: Press Password below Cellular Data and key in MTN

5. Find "Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
Press Network.
Press General.
Press Settings.
Press Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

6. Create new email profile
Press Add Account....
Press Other.
Press Add Mail Account.

7. Enter sender name: Press the Name input field and key in the name you want to use as sender in your email messages.

8. Enter email address: Press the Address input field and key in your email address.

9. Enter password: Press the Password input field and key in the password for your email account at your mail provider.

10. Enter profile name
Press the Description input field and key in a name for your email profile (e.g. Private or Work).
Press Next.

11. Select server type: Press POP.

12. Enter incoming server
Press the Host Name input field below Incoming Mail Server.
Enter name of incoming mail server.

13. Enter username
Press the User Name input field below Incoming Mail Server and key in the username for your email account at your mail provider.

14. Enter outgoing server
Press the Host Name input field below Outgoing Mail Server and key in mail.mtn.co.za

15. Save information
Press Save.
Press Yes.

16. Select email profile: Press the name of the email profile you have just set up.

17. Deactivate SSL encryption of outgoing email
Press SMTP below Outgoing Mail Server.
Press mail.mtn.co.za below Primary Server.
Press the indicator next to Use SSL to deactivate the function.

18. Deactivate password encryption
Press Authentication.
Press Password.
Press mail.mtn.co.za.

19. Enter outgoing port
Press Server Port.
Key in 25 and press Done.

20. Deactivate SSL encryption of incoming email messages
Press Account Info.
Press Advanced.
Press the indicator next to Use SSL to deactivate the function.

21. Deactivate password encryption
Press Authentication.

Press Password.
Press Advanced.

22. Select setting for copy on server
Press Delete from server.
Press Never or the required setting.

Press Advanced.

23. Enter incoming port
Press Server Port and key in 110
Press Account Info.
Press Done.

24. Exit
Press the Home key to return to stand-by mode.

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