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They fascinate; inspire (madness, or adoration – sometimes both); entertain; make us aspire; dream; weep; laugh and forget our own miserably mortal lives.

They are mostly beautiful, but even those who are not conventionally so exude an eye-catching je ne sais quoi. (Otherwise, they simply pay to have it nipped, pulled, tucked, removed, implanted, or sucked out until they do.)

Even those who claim to be indifferent towards fame and the famous will admit to admiring some celebrities for their work. Apart from being unabashedly loony for George Clooney (and not merely for his supreme acting skills, I assure you), I think I fall into the latter category. To me, celebrities are just people. Extremely beautiful, talented, well-known and wealthy people, yes; but just people nonetheless. (With the exception of the gorgeous George, of course!)

My indifference towards “schlebs” were put to the test about a decade ago when I accidentally rubbed shoulders with the likes of Morgan Freeman, Donald Sutherland, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and the late Gregory Hines. (I’m so sorry if I’ve just broken your foot with all those names I’ve just dropped.)

That inadvertent brush with celebrity happened when I managed to get lost in a maze of back corridors in the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C. after attending a flute recital there and somehow ended up backstage at some awards ceremony. Although I was rather embarrassed at suddenly finding myself amidst all these movie stars; I did not faint, swoon, tremble, or try to get their autographs. Of course, had George been there, it might have been a whole different story and I could have been writing this from prison...

Jokes aside, love ‘em, hate ‘em, or dismiss them; whether they deserve the attention and affection or not, those who are in showbiz are big biz for those in other industries. Their familiar faces sell magazines, various products and now, BlackBerry apps too!

Here are just some of the apps that allow fans to get app close and personal to their favourite stars.

Kim Kardashian

The curvaceous Kim is one of those people who became famous for… well… not much, really. She cleverly capitalised on the notoriety of a leaked sex tape to catapult her and the rest of the K-named clan into reality television infamy to morph into a self-described model, actress, TV personality and businesswoman.

Those who can’t wait for Kim and co to make an appearance on all the Kardashian shows on E! to keep up with all of her latest love affairs (her current squeeze is rapper Kanye West) can now have her in the palm of their hands with the newly released, misspelled Kim Kardashion (sic) app. (This is probably due to the fact that the Kardashian name is trademarked?) Packed with video and photo galleries (which seem to be filled with gratuitous bikini shots) and biographical information about the celebutante, the app is a hefty 4MB to download.

Fans can use the app to interact with the star by leaving comments on photos and write on her Fan Wall. It also links to her Twitter and Facebook accounts, so diehard fans never risk missing another status update again.

Although I’m not a fan of Kim or the rest of the Kardashians, I acknowledge that many, many other people are, so I coughed up the R6 to download the app and tried to experience it from a fan’s perspective. (Oh, the lengths I go to for you, dear readers!)

Perhaps my handset isn’t compatible, but many of the features on the app did not open for me. The blue column that pops up when I press the menu key on the BlackBerry stays blank, for example, and I had to return to the home page every time I wanted to access a different part of the app. When I tried to access the Videos section, I was greeted with a “no response, please try again later” error message. The app is hot off the press, though, so maybe all these glitches will be ironed out in time. After all is said and done, I won’t really recommend this app to anyone other than Kim’s most devoted fans, who can buy it from BlackBerry App World here.

Madonna Fan App

Just when you think she is past her sell-by-date, she stages a sold-out comeback. This entertainer so brims with in-your-face attitude, it is probably no wonder that she can now be on handsets too. Created by MyAppMakr, the same developers behind the Kim app, the Madonna app claims to provide fans with access to, among other things, her latest music videos. However, when I tried accessing it, I received a “URL invalid link”.

Another irritation is that every time I access the app (or try to gain access to the Social section, which apparently leads to Madonna’s Facebook and Twitter accounts), I have to uncheck boxes that will give the app permission to access my personal information and something they call “advanced capabilities”. What, are they going to ask until you give them permission? Apparently so, yes. The only aspect of the app I was able to access with ease was the photo gallery. At least I did not have to shell out cash for this one. I don’t even think it is worth it for free, but if you are a major fan, you can download it from App World here.

More Fan Apps

MyAppMakr seems to specialise in these types of celebrity fan apps. The tweeny bopper set who suffer from Bieber fever can download the Justin Bieber Fan app for R6 here.

Another of the bestselling fan apps is dedicated to the singer known as much for her P-p-p-poker Face as for her outrageous outfits. If you are gaga for Lady Gaga and can’t wait until she performs in South Africa later this year, you can pay R6 to download her app from here.

These apps were reviewed using a BlackBerry Bold 9790, courtesy of BlackBerry South Africa.

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