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The app has great cocktail recipes with added features, like shopping list integration and how-to videos.

As a big fan of the Martha Stewart Cookies app, I was more than a little excited to try out the cocktail equivalent. Similar to the cookies app, the Martha Stewart Cocktails app stylishly organises cocktail recipes, and includes gorgeous images and a great search tool.

The app comes preloaded with 20 classic cocktail recipes, including old favourites like Caipirinha, White Russian and Classic Martini. Users can also download cocktail bundles organised according to categories, with each category featuring 20 cocktails. Categories that are free for download include Holiday Cocktails, Cutting Edge Cocktails and Mocktails.

Each recipe comes with easy-to-follow instructions. A nifty tool lets users add ingredients to a shopping list, which they can either print out or e-mail to themselves. Most of the recipes come with handy tips or a brief history of the cocktail. Who knew the original daiquiri was a blend of rum, limejuice and sugar, and was introduced to the US by a naval officer?

The app also features how-to videos for techniques including muddling, rimming the edge of a glass, and making a citrus twist (that’s a little squiggle of lemon or orange peel used to decorate the glass). There is also a host of tips, like how best to store spirits, crush ice and perhaps a less obvious one: how to buy alcohol for a party. According to Martha Stewart, party throwers should bargain for one bottle of wine per couple per hour, or one bottle of spirits per five people per hour, oh and my favourite – three bottles of spirits for each mixer, which means some pretty stiff gin and tonics, but hey, that’s what Martha Stewart says.

The search tool is possibly the best feature of the app and lets users find cocktails based on flavour type, liquor used or both. For example, searching for fruity tequila cocktails brings up Classic Frozen Margarita and Pom Sunrise. The search tool also brings up results for recipes that fit the search but are not yet installed, and users can see at a glance whether these can be downloaded for free, or need to be bought.

The Martha Stewart Cocktails app also comes preloaded with a few recipes for bar snacks, like spiced walnuts and warm marinated olives.

In addition to the shopping list integration, there is a conversion tool that lets users convert measuring units from ounces into tablespoons and cups, or measurements into millilitres and litres. Users can bookmark their favourite recipes by tapping the heart icon inside the recipe. They can also share recipes on Facebook or e-mail them to friends.

At only $0.99, I expect only teetotallers will snub this app. It’s easy to use and style to an otherwise debaucherous activity. The extra tips and shopping list make it that much easier for users to plan and execute an awesome cocktail party.

My only gripe is that there is no tool to quickly halve or double a recipe, and this would definitely come in handy after a drink or two.


Good: Stylish design; tantalising images; great search tool.
Bad: No quick tool to double recipe size.
Rating: 9/10
Price: $0.99
Download: iTunes link

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