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BlackBerry smartphones have cultivated a whole brand image around being great business tools for enhancing productivity, but I’ve gleefully discovered that the handset has a decidedly playful side too.

Before going any further, I have to fess up that I am not a gamer by any means. My idea of serious “gaming” is playing a round of four-suit Spider Solitaire when I’m supposedly on deadline. (Sorry, dear Editor, but believe me, that last bit is crucial to adding just the right amount of time-based, nail-biting tension to the experience.)

Perhaps it is a good thing that I’ve not been more of a player, because there could, quite possible, be an addictive side to my personality. One day, when I ran out of prepaid BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), I scrolled through the apps and found BrickBreaker. When I managed to survive past the first level, I was hooked. My second ‘Berry had Word Mole preinstalled and, had that phone not died an abrupt death due to my ten-cups-a-morning coffee habit (there was some twitching, and some spilling…), my job would have been on the line for sure!

If my employment had been hanging by a thread before, it has now, quite possibly, been dealt a fatal blow, because I have just discovered all the free games on App World. In order to keep my job, I have decided to compile a list of my five favourite ones. No idea what YOUR excuse will be as you slowly get sucked into the time-stealing vortex of fun, but at least you’ll have a way to while away all those free hours you’ll have once you’re unemployed!  


As a wordsmith, I can totally pretend that this word game is remotely akin to productivity. The game dishes up crossword-style clues which you have to solve by clicking on the correct letter of the alphabet. If you’re wrong, the square around the letter turns an angry red and the noose appears. If you continue to be wrong, the little stickman gets hanged! So, get a clue and save the stickman!
Beat the Intro
If you love popular music, you will love Beat the Intro. It tests your knowledge of current and past hits by playing you 15 second long clips from a particular track. Before the time runs out, you have to guess the correct song and artist out of three possible choices. You have the option to play by yourself in Single Player mode, or against your BBM contacts. Whether you get it correct or not, if you like the song, you have the option of instantly adding it to your basket and buying it via the 7digital Music Store app.
Download it here (it requires a handset restart): http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/77281/?lang=en
Bugs Traffic
Most of us are bugged by the traffic on our daily commute. While Bugs Traffic will not solve that problem for you at all (unless you get fired for playing too many games, in which case, no more dealing with rush hour traffic!), you can at least see to it that the bugs get to move along. Your job as player is to shift the bugs and insects that are scattered on the board into the same positions as those on the solution board. To accomplish this, you can only use the arrows on the sides of the board. You have to think carefully before making a move, though, because sometimes clicking the arrow will move all the bugs in that particular row. You should try to align them correctly in as little time and using as few moves as possible.
So get all your bugs in a row and get the game here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/76228/?lang=en
Bubble Birds
If you’re tired of those other, irate avians taking over the world and the galaxy, try this for a change. A modified version of the classic Bubble Shooter, the aim of this game is to group various colours of bubble birds together and then shoot them away again, preferably in groups of three. If your aim’s a little off and you miss, all the birds move further down until you lose. However, if you line them up well enough, you can shoot them all away quickly and progress to the next level.
Free Solitaire
Imagine my delight when I discovered that I can now access my favourite PC card game on my BlackBerry too! (Bye-bye, deadlines!) This app gives you access to both Classic Solitaire (Klondike) and Spider Solitaire. Click and drag the cards to your heart’s content, stacking them in the correct order until you win or run out of options. With this version, you have the choice to adjust the difficulty levels.
You can kiss your productivity away by downloading it here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/28936/?lang=en
These games were played on a BlackBerry Bold 9790, courtesy of BlackBerry South Africa. 

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