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Do you regret giving that one guy or girl your number all that time ago? Tired of having to field drunken calls from your ex who just can’t take no for an answer? 

Or are you being incessantly called by someone who has a wrong number and simply refuses to believe it?

If you are at the end of your tether from receiving unwanted phone calls from people you simply do not want to be called by anymore, you don’t have to go to such drastic steps as changing your number.

Call Blocker Free is, as the name suggests, a free demo version of an app that allows you to block incoming calls from any number you do not wish to answer. Since it is the free version, it limits you to adding only two numbers, and you will also be subjected to seeing a welcome message and an ad whenever you access the app. However, if you can live with that, and you don’t have a long list of numbers you want to block, then this app is more than sufficient to do the job.

Once you have accessed the app by selecting the Main Screen button, you will be able to add or modify numbers, check call logs, access settings and read the help manual. To add a number to your block list, simply click on the “Add” button appearing at the bottom left corner of the main screen. The free version even allows you to add local, international or private numbers. You can add a number manually or copy it directly from your address book.

Once you have added a number, you can control how you want Call Blocker to deal with it by clicking on the name of the added contact. A box will pop up showing you the contact’s name and number. Underneath that, you will see a button next to “Type”, and a drop down button giving you the option to block the call, allow the call or ignore the call. When you have modified that, you can save your selection, cancel it or delete the blocked contact.

Back on the bottom of the home screen, you will see the Logs button. Once you select that, it will show you which of your blocked contacts have tried to call you (by name), as well as the date and time that they tried to call you.

Clicking the back button on your BlackBerry (which is denoted by the curved arrow), will take you back to the app’s main screen. Under the Settings button, you will be able to block unknown or private numbers (it gives you the option to block both, or only one or the other). If you upgrade to the paid Pro version of the app, you will be allowed to enable a time schedule which will let you block the numbers only between certain times of day; enable a password login; and set up an Auto SMS Response.

I temporarily added a friend’s number to the block list to test the effectiveness of the app, and we were delighted to discover that it genuinely works. My phone only rang once, briefly, before being ruthlessly cut off by Call Blocker. My conclusion is that this app will definitely preserve the sanity of everyone who is tired of being harassed by unwanted calls.

This app was reviewed using a BlackBerry Bold 9790, courtesy of BlackBerry South Africa.


Good: It works! And even in the free version of the app, it is easy to add or modify numbers to the block list.
Bad: Due to being free, a few of the other functionalities of the app are not available and you are limited to adding only two numbers.
Price: Free.

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