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The Martha Stewart Cookies app is great for baking enthusiasts. It's also the app that has convinced me that I want and need an iPad (and I've been swearing off tablets since they first appeared on the market). 

The app has beautifully organised a wide selection of cookie recipes and also comes with added features, including a great search function and a timer. I cannot overemphasise how stunning the app's design is. It's simple and elegant, with beautiful, high-resolution illustrations.

Usability and interface

I'm reluctant to use the phrase 'user experience' because I think there's a lot of unnecessary hype around the terminology. However, I can't avoid talking about user experience when reviewing this app, because it is so easy and fun to use that I'll think twice before buying a recipe book again.
The app has been beautifully designed, with gorgeous illustrations and lovely scrolled headings for the different types of cookies.
Cookie recipes are also categorised, and users can scroll through these by touching the cookie icon on the app's home screen. Cookie categories include Classic, Chocolate, Giftable and Kids.
There is also a shortcut for users who would like to send the app to other iPad users as a gift.
In addition to the elegantly illustrated recipes, the Martha Stewart Cookies app also comes with some lovely features. These include a nifty search feature, timer, tips for baking and some great gifting ideas.
The search function lets users trawl the app for recipes according to type and flavour. For example, searching for “bars and biscotti” and “spice” brings up recipes for Hermit Bars, Matcha Tea Biscuits, Oatmeal-Raisin Squares, and my favourite, Fennel, Orange and Nut Biscotti.
The app's built-in timer ensures perfectly baked cookies, and there's also a converter, which converts measurements between weight in ounces, measurements in teaspoons and cups, as well as measurements in litres.
Users can also watch videos of the recipes, although I found the recipes themselves really easy to follow. The recipes are well organised, and involve only a few simple steps.
Finally, users can also bookmark and add notes to their favourite recipes.
The Martha Stewart Cookies app is a lovely app for baking. It is incredibly girly, but I'm guessing this is exactly what cookie bakers will want. Even I was floored by the app – and I spend most of my free time gardening.
I think it's well worth its price, and certainly cheaper than most recipe books.
Good: Beautiful design, lots of fun 
Bad: The app does not have calorie information for the recipes (I had to rack my brain to find anything bad about this app) 
Rating: 9/10 
Price: $4.99
Download: iTunes link

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