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Let’s face it: emergencies can strike at any time and you might suddenly need to get hold of a mechanic, a doctor, or a pizza delivery service. 

The Yellow Pages SA app is for those occasions when phoning a friend will simply not do. (Unless your friend IS a mechanic, or a doctor, or a pizza delivery guy/girl.)

This nifty little app takes that so-hefty-that-you-can-kill-someone-with-it, yellow business telephone directory that it has been named after, and compresses it into something that neatly fits into the palm of your hand. It allows users to easily and quickly look up the telephone number for a variety of businesses, schools and other services in their area.

The app automatically detects your location, because once you get to the home screen, your current location is already filled into the field where it says “Where”? In the event that you are looking for a number in a different location, you can change this by typing in something different.

Below the “What?” and “Where?” fields, there are two buttons, “Search Now”, and “Near Me”. If you’ve typed in pizza in the “What?” field, it will bring up all the pizza restaurants in your area, whereas “Near Me” will throw out the results to show which ones are located closest to you, giving you the distance in kilometre.

Back on the home screen, below the search fields, there are icons depicting various search categories in alphabetical order, from “Attorneys” and “Banks”, to “Tire (sic) dealers” and “Travel”. In what appears to be an odd oversight, there is no category for “Health” or “Emergencies”, but if you type in “hospital” in the search field, it gives you all the health clinics in the area – even vets and beauty clinics came up when I performed the search.

Once you have located the business or service that you are looking for, it shows you the address and the telephone number. You can phone directly from the app itself by clicking on the “call us” icon below. Alternatively, you can access the company’s website (if they have one), or get mapped out directions (by clicking on the “Locate us” icon). The “Eish!” button allows you to report an error with the app. When you click on it, a box pops up with two options. You need to select the one that is most relevant.

If you have found what you were looking for, you can add it to your favourites for future reference, or share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter, or email it to someone. 

In case you have a business or service of your own to promote, or you know of a business that isn’t listed yet, an icon with a plus sign on it in the right hand corner of the app allows you to add a listing to the directory.

Next to that icon, is a star icon that takes you to your favourites, or the home icon that takes you back to the search screen.

Apart from a few minor annoyances – such as getting irrelevant businesses pop up when searching for, in this particular instance, schools – I have been very impressed with the app. I can certainly see why it is reportedly the most downloaded mobile app in South Africa!

This app was reviewed using a BlackBerry Bold 9790, courtesy of BlackBerry South Africa.
Good: The Yellow Pages South Africa Mobile App is easy to use and navigate. I really like that you can call the number you have looked up directly from the app. Also, it’s free!
Bad: Sometimes irrelevant results pop up during a search, but to me, this was really no major annoyance.
Price: Free (BlackBerry App World)

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