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One thing almost all smartphone users across the board – us BlackBerry babies included - complain about is inadequate battery life on our devices.

Using a mobile phone merely for talking, receiving and sending texts is almost unheard of nowadays. (How, like, quaint, as the teenagers would say.) With handsets becoming increasingly sophisticated and feature-rich, we expect them to – through the course of an ordinary day – pull triple duty as cameras, handheld computers and multi-media players. No wonder the battery can’t keep up!

All of the phone’s fancy functions – including the ability to receive your e-mails in real time, on the fly – tend to become rather meaningless when the battery dies on you while you’re out and about with no charger or outlet nearby.  In fact, ever since I activated e-mail on my BlackBerry, the handset seems to be tethered to the charger more often than not.

At least there is an app that will see to it that you are never caught unawares by a depleted battery again. Called the Battery Booster Ultimate, it helps users to not only keep an eye on their phone’s energy consumption on a daily basis, but to optimise and extend their BlackBerry’s battery life as well.

Once you’ve downloaded the app (for free) and installed it, you can access it from your phone’s homescreen by clicking on the icon. When you do, you will be taken to a screen with four icons called Graph, Battery, Settings and Estimate.

Selecting the Battery Graph icon takes you to a graph which displays your battery’s percentage levels during the last 24 hours. The Battery icon depicts the current time, the date, a large illustration of your battery’s current fullness level as well as the percentage of charge remaining, the temperature and its strength.

The Settings menu allows you to control several potentially energy depleting activities on your phone. From there, you can change or manage your device’s connection settings (allowing you to activate or deactivate WiFi, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication); set your device to be automatically switched off and back on again at various times during the day; monitor processes in order to be alerted when you’ve left your camera running in the background; set your display’s brightness level and timeout; and enable the Battery Alert function which will warn you when your battery level drops below a certain percentage point.

I have been using the Battery Booster Ultimate for the past three weeks, and it has truly been an energy saver. A few times, after I’ve used the phone’s camera to take pictures or to send pics via BBM or WhatsApp, the phone began buzzing. It was Battery Booster Ultimate's way of reminding me that I still had the energy-eating camera app running in the background.

If you don’t respond immediately by closing the offending app you’re being warned about, Battery Booster Pro will send you reminders at periodic intervals until you react. The constant buzzing and accompanying pop up box can get a bit annoying (the latter is especially jarring if you are busy doing something else on your phone), but it is certainly effective, because I closed the camera, thereby extending my battery's life a bit longer. That is, after all, what the app promises to do.

This app was reviewed using a BlackBerry Bold 9790, courtesy of BlackBerry South Africa.

Battery Booster Ultimate is easy to use with a no-frills design, and does a good job.  Also, it is free, which is always a bonus.
Bad: The Battery Estimation functionality, which is supposed to inform you how much talk time, standby time or music play time you have left on your specific device model, does not work on my handset.
Price: Free (BlackBerry App World)

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