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She may be American-born, but in recent years, the very cosmopolitan Jennifer Su (AKA Jen Su) has crawled into the hearts of South Africans by virtually taking over local airwaves as both entertainer (she sings and acts) and entertainment journalist (on radio and television). 

My Digital Life recently caught up with this self-described Mad Hatter to find out which gadgets she uses to stay so connected. Turns out that this BlackBerry ambassador is quite brand loyal!

My Digital Life: You are renowned for being quite a trend setter and fashionista. Do you ever use your phone or any other gadget to make a fashion statement by colour coordinating it with your outfit?
 Jen Su: Yes, I definitely like to colour coordinate my BlackBerry smartphone with my outfit!
 MyDL: Since you are someone who works in the entertainment industry and reports on show biz, we would like to know which of your gadgets provide you with the most entertainment value?
JS: My BlackBerry Bold 9900 has been absolutely amazing with keeping me updated on all the latest entertainment news.  I receive constant updates from the top breaking news sites and BBM messages with my entertainment "tip-off" team in L.A. and New York.  
I also have a widescreen mainframe Apple Computer in which I store TV shows, movies, and large memory files. I also really love YouSendIt.com where I can send my entertainment files over to our SABC3 Expresso studios in Cape Town and also for a style report I do for RTHK Hong Kong.
MyDL: You're stranded on a deserted island (of course), but you're allowed one electronic device to take. What would it be?
JS: My BlackBerry smartphone, of course!
MyDL: What is your favourite app (cellular, desktop and/or tablet) and why?
JS: Twitter for BlackBerry, WhatsApp, Sky News App and the Gareth Cliff App.  I use them all to communicate and obtain information -- and I use the Wake Up alarm on Gareth's app!
 MyDL: What is the most important aspect for you when you decide to buy a new gadget?
JS: Ease of communication. One thing I love about my BlackBerry smartphone is that it's both tactile and touch.  I still like to type on buttons and hear them click.  I can also use both BBM and WhatsApp -- so I can message for free to both BlackBerry smartphones and other cellphone users.
MyDL: Which gadget are you currently coveting and would love to receive as a gift?
JS: The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0!

Okay, Jen! We get it! You're a loyal 'Berry Babe through and through. Catch Jen on Summit TV, on the “African Business Report” on Sky News, on SABC 3’s morning show Expresso and on Gareth Cliff Mornings on 5FM. On the Web, you can find her on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her official website.

Photograph of Jen taken by Brendan Croft.

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The Pianist
written by The Pianist, May 07, 2012
I did this interview a few years ago. Now I get why her memory was so fresh on the "MYDL" interview! smilies/cheesy.gif

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