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I've tested several Twitter apps and first tried Tweetbot last year after Twitter for iPhone was given a major revamp to match its web interface. 

There were many things I didn’t like about the new revamp which forced me to start looking for a better client. 

Enter Tweetbot. The developers describe it as a Twitter client with personality, and it is exactly that. It offers more features than Twitter itself does, which for me, is a big bonus.

Once you launch the app and add your accounts, you will notice a clean interface without borders on the edge (it takes up unnecessary space as seen on Twitter for iPhone), with 5 buttons at the bottom. 

The first one is a speech bubble, which displays your timeline; the second one is an @ sign, which displays all mentions and replies; the third is an envelope which offers one touch access to your direct messages (DM) – tapping it lets you mark all as read. The last two icons are customisable. If you tap and hold the icon, you can choose from the following shortcuts as your last two icons: favourites, lists, retweets, search, mute filters and profile. They can be customised individually for each account.

Tweetbot supports multiple timelines, smart gestures, push notifications, customisable navigation and drafts.
Multiple timelines are great if you run more than one Twitter account and switching between them couldn’t be easier. You tap the user icon on the top left of the screen to choose which account you’d like to use. When you’re composing a tweet from the button at the top right of the screen, you can choose which account to send the tweet from by tapping the profile pic. 
Some of the smart gestures include swiping any tweet to the right to see a conversation around a tweet, while swiping to the left shows you all replies to a particular tweet. It makes following a conversation really simple.
If you tap a tweet from your timeline, a bunch of icons appear beneath the tweet, which then lets you reply or repy to all; retweet or quote a tweet; favourite; options to copy the link of the tweet, email it or translate it; and more information about a tweet. More information about a tweet lets you either view a conversation or replies; see all retweets; and view the tweet on
Under settings, you can choose for the app to play a sound when you receive notifications, or all – which covers DMs, retweets and favourites – something you cannot get on the official Twitter app. You can also tweak a triple tap shortcut.
The design of the app is simple and icons are placed at just the right spot, letting you do so much more, with minimal effort. For example, if you want to mute a hashtag, all you to do is tap and hold the hashtag, and choose how long you want to mute it for (1 day, 1 week, 1 month or forever). If you tap a hyperlink, you can choose to read it later, tweet it, open in Safari, email or copy it. If you want to mute a follower, it works the same way, just tap and hold a profile pic. You can also mute clients like foursquare, Paper.Li, Sports Tracker, etc.
An iPad version of the app is also available but the only downside is that if you purchased it for iPhone, you have to purchase it again for iPad. 
Good: Clean UI; extra features not offered by Twitter; ability to mute by client, hashtag, or user; smart gestures.
Bad: Additional purchase required if you own both iPhone and iPad.
Rating: 9/10
Price: $2.99 (US Store)
Link: iTunes 

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