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While there are plenty of computer peripherals designed especially with the user’s comfort and well-being in mind, it does not usually extend beyond mouses and keyboards.  

Philips has now created an addition to those ergonomically correct PC accessories to include a device that goes as far as actually monitoring users’ postures and telling them to sit up straight – so it would almost be like having your mom at the office.

Called the ErgoSensor, it is a 24-inch (61 cm) LCD monitor, which Philips claims is the first intelligent display in the world. It boasts a built-in sensor and advises users how to sit in front of it in an ergonomically correct position and at an optimal viewing distance in order to prevent them from possibly developing common computer-usage related injuries such as neck and back ache and eye strain.

The sensor, which is embedded in the top part of the monitor’s bezel – where a web cam ordinarily would be – measures and keeps track of the user’s position, neck angle and distance and informs him/her when they have bad posture while sitting in front of it, thereby forcing them to sit up again when they’ve been slouching (like their mothers would do), or to move further away if they are sitting too close to the monitor. Users can adjust these settings to best suit them with a feature called the SmartErgoBase.

A built-in time-break reminder feature also lets users know when to take a break from working to further avoid eye strain. The clever sensor will even sense when the user has stepped away from it for that suggested coffee break and power off – an environmentally friendly feature which Philips claims will save up to 80% on electricity consumption.

Apart from its ergonomically and environmentally friendly features, the monitor also boasts SmartImage technology that analyses the content displayed on the screen, allowing users to adjust it according to whatever app or program is being used, and switching it to Office, Game, Photo, or Movie mode in order to optimise the display’s performance.

For more information on the Philips ErgoSensor, visit the company’s website

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