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Fifa Street is the fourth soccer street simulator from EA Sports. The game shows off the finesse and showmanship of the "beautiful game" through focusing on individual skill moves, like dribbling and juggling the ball, which makes for a fun, challenging experience. 

Typical soccer simulators focus on positional play and slick passing to dominate your opposition. In Fifa Street, the focus is on one-on-one situations where you use skill moves to move past your opponent. These flair moves are controlled with different flicks of the analogue sticks, bumpers and triggers, allowing you to easily perform complex moves. In addition, normal Fifa controls for passing and shooting remain largely the same - except for tackling, which now only has one button, with slide tackles no longer allowed.

The meat of the game comes in the World Tour mode where you create your own team, start off playing in your local neighborhood and work yourself up to the international touring scene. Performing more tricks while winning matches allows you to unlock skills and more special moves and assign points to improve attributes of your players.

Once you feel like you have enough experience you can take your team online through ranked divisions and tournaments.  Also, the online gameplay is closely linked to the single player. When you get to regional or national competitions in the World Tour mode, you can choose to play an online team instead of the AI. Your ability to develop your World Tour single player team and move them seamlessly online is definitely one of the highlights of the game.  

There are a number of individual alternate game types. In Panna, you get points for performing tricks and bank them when you score a goal (a 'panna' is when you kick the ball through an opponent's legs – an 'eshibobo'). Other game types include Futsal where the court has no walls and Last Man Standing where a player is eliminated every time a goal is scored. These game types add variety to the traditional 4 vs 4 'score-as-much-as-you-can' modes. Even though I enjoyed the variety of game types, I found them relatively repetitive and got bored of them quite quickly.

Another flaw in the game is the difficulty levels. While the bronze was far too easy for someone who's played Fifa before and silver difficulty level is great for learning the mechanics of the game, the gold difficult level was too hard and I found it frustrating. The AI almost never missed and wasn't a natural step up from the Silver mode.

If you also include the UEFA, Management, World Cup and Street games, this is the 47th Fifa licensed game from EA sports and the class of the series shows in this title. Even though, the lack of game types and simplicity of the gameplay means that it will never be as good as a technical soccer simulator, the graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fun and addictive and incredibly easy to learn. The game is a welcome alternate to the traditional Fifa games and can be enjoyed by veterans and those new to the series.


Pros: Rewarding learning curve; good graphics; taking your single player world tour team online; zero lag.
Cons: Low longevity of game modes; limited licensed teams; hard mode is too hard.
Rating: 7/10
Price: R599
We have 2 copies of Fifa Street to giveaway, one copy for Xbox 360 and one for PlayStation 3. All you have to do to stand in line is answer this easy question: Which mode of the game allows you to work your way up to the international scene?
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