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Crossover games are usually fun (Battletoads and Double Dragon and the more recent Mario and Sonic Olympic games are testament to this), and while fighting games have delved into this territory before (Marvel vs. Capcom, etc), none has been so highly anticipated as Street Fighter x Tekken. 

Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxT) is developed by Capcom and this shows throughout as it really is a Street Fighter game with Tekken characters as opposed to being a more balanced affair. However, Namco are hard at work developing a Tekken x Street Fighter game so this should be addressed.

The game draws heavily on Street Fighter 4, which utilised a 2.5D perspective, while retaining the frenetic pace and thrill which Street Fighter fans have become accustomed to. It runs at a healthy 60 frames per second, and is a visual treat, and not least because of the astounding backdrops that populate the game (there is even a nod to one of Capcom's older games, Dino Crisis, that is thrown in for healthy measure). There is a wide selection of fighters to choose from including many favourites like Jin, Ryu, Zangief and Law. I was slightly disappointed that Eddy Gordo did not make the cut, but one can hope that he will be DLC.

The arcade mode is quite bare-bones and a little disappointing for those who enjoy packaged full motion videos of the chosen fighter's history and epilogue (mostly those spoilt by Tekken's amazing videos) and once you defeat the final boss, you get two paragraphs of text before the credits start rolling. 

I felt that more time should have been dedicated to fleshing out the individual stories and motivation. Tekken revolved around the three generations of the Mishima family, while Street Fighter's M.Bison provided motivation for its mythology. In this game you just get the feeling that a bunch of people just got together to beat the hell out of each other. There is a story about a meteorite and the power of Pandora, but this seems tacked on and forced. 

Another problem I had with the game is the inclusion of gems that activate under certain conditions. These gems give the player enhanced agility and increased power and does make the game feel a little cheap. Irritatingly though, they cannot be turned off.

The PS3 version edges out the Xbox one because it contains 5 additional fighters (including inFamous' favourite anti-hero Cole as well as Pacman). Also, the PS3 version supports online tag-team matches while the Xbox does not. 

In conclusion, I would say that SFxT is a beautiful looking game, which has a large variety of characters, but sadly, the sum of all parts is not greater than the two games on their own, and like most things in life, it's more fun when you have two people playing. 


Pros: Combines two powerhouse franchises; beautiful graphics; move-set has lots of depth; frame rate is very impressive; lots of characters to choose from.
Cons: Uninspiring arcade mode, not many options; gems cannot be turned off; easy to get bored if you don't have any friends.
Rating: 7/ 10
Price: R599

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