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Saints Row the Third (SRTT) is a combination of an engaging story, some great action and completely over-the-top humour. It is an adult gaming experience that is exciting, funny and completely addictive.

Saints Row follows the exploits of the 3rd Street Saints gang. When a new Belgian crime boss moves into Stilwater, the Third Street gang are ousted to neighbouring Steelport.

To compound the lack of funds and weapons, there are already three rival gangs vying for control. As the leader of the Saints, you have to eliminate the rival gangs and take your gang back to its former glory.

The look and feel of SRTT and the combat in the game are all very similar to Grand Theft Auto. However, Saints Row breaks the mould of typical sandbox gameplay by providing some of the strangest gaming moments: you have to escort a live tiger in the front seat of your car; race in an S&M cart pulled by a dude in leather chaps and beat people up with a baseball bat hidden in a giant pink phallus.
Yet, these – although borderline ridiculous – are still not the craziest moments in the game.  The dialogue is witty and the cringe-worthy moments are relatively few and far in between. This is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played.
SRTT has an excellent customisation engine, giving you the ability to change every aspect of the character’s look and personality, including gender, clothing and even the size of your package. At one point, my character was a man in an evening gown, with rollers in his hair and a pink Hitler moustache. You can also customise your character’s car and crib, though I doubt many hardcore gamers will waste too much time on interior design.
Another great addition to SRTT is how your character can use the cellphone.When in a pinch, you call your buddies for backup, ask for a car to be dropped off, or even have a jetfighter delivered to you. You can also use the cellphone to purchase upgrades, which you earn by completing missions, or earning rent from properties and businesses you own.
One of the best additions to the game is the multiplayer: you have the option of either drop-in/out campaigns, or “whored” mode – where you fight off waves of baddies/prostitutes. Unfortunately, there is a bit of lag and the aiming and movement felt quite sluggish. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t affect a great co-op experience.
SRTT is a great game. The humour, ridiculous gameplay and over-the-top combat was a welcome relief from the more serious gameplay I’ve engaged with over the past few months. If nothing else, this game thoroughly entertains.
Pros: Very funny; interesting missions; drop-in/drop-out co-op campaign.
Cons: Sexual Innuendo and scantily clad women might be offensive to some.
Rating: 8/10
Achievement difficulty: 7/10 (~80 Collectables)
Price: R529
Contact: BT Games -

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