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The Samsung MV800 is an incredibly user-friendly camera. Added filters enhance otherwise ordinary pictures, with the only drawback being that images take longer to process.

Look and feel

Samsung's new point-and-shoot is an extremely streamlined device. All inputs and outputs are behind flaps that are flush with the surface. In true innovative style, the display can be flipped around, allowing users to capture themselves with their friends and families.

The MV800 is compact with stylish black metallic finishes (it is also available in red, silver, purple and pink). It is so slim that it can easily fit into a jacket pocket or a designer purse (skinny jeans might be pushing it though).

The MV800 is very easy to use. It has touch-screen functionality, which lets users scroll through the many features on offer. Selecting different camera modes as well as frames and filters is simple, thanks to the scrolling functionality. A home button to the left of the display lets users return to the main menu with the click of one button. Similarly, a second button to the left of the display gives instant access to captured photos.
The power and capture buttons are situated on the top of the camera. Rotating the capture button allows users to zoom in and out when taking photos.
Camera capability
The MV800 has a 26mm wide-angle lens and is capable of 5x optical zoom. The Live Panorama function lets users capture wide shots by panning the camera from left to right. It is a great feature for capturing scenery as well as large groups of people.
It also has a smart auto function, which is great for novices. As an added bonus, it has dual image stabilisation, for those of us with shaky hands. Other features, like the pose guide, help even amateur photographers capture great shots. In pose guide, the display shows a translucent line drawing, allowing users to frame their shots with someone in the chosen pose.
The MV800 can also take 3D photos. This might be cool for some, but personally, I think they are gimmicky.
On the downside, using the filters and frames requires additional processing, which is time-consuming and slows down the shutter speed. This means some of the features do not work well in low light.
Battery life and cables
The MV800 has great battery life. Even when using the extra features, and snapping away like an over-eager tourist, the MV800 did not once die on me.
It comes with a USB cable and adaptor, so it can be charged off a power output or a PC. In fact, if you have the right adaptor, you can even charge it in your car.
I had a lot of fun with this camera. The smart auto makes it easy to take photos on the fly, which is great when you're out having fun and just want a few snaps. It's not aimed at professional photographers, and its price is reasonable for what it offers.
Pros: Great features, especially Live Panorama; sleek design and reversible display 
Cons: Processing time means lots of features can't be used in low light 
Rating: 8/10 
Price: R2 699
Dimensions: 3.62 x 2.21 x 0.72 inches 
Image sensor: 16.15MP 
Digital zoom: 5x optical zoom 
Shutter speed: Program: 1 – 1/2000 seconds; smart auto: 1/8 – 1/2000 seconds 
Display: 3 inches 
Software: Intelli-studio 
Features: Smart auto, dual image stabilisation 
Outputs: HDMI, USB 2.0 
Battery: BP70A 

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