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The i-Station GO speakers from Logic 3 are a great example of form meets function. Seriously, points to the designers.

Look and feel

Logic 3's i-Station GO speakers have a sleek design with a metallic blue colour. They also come in black, silver, green and pink. A little rubber stand at the bottom of the speakers allow for stable positioning even on slippery surfaces.
The speakers are compatible with iPods, PSP, MP3 players and MP3-ready mobile phones. A rubberised dock in the front of the speakers lets users securely position most devices.
Thanks to great design, the i-Station GO speakers are incredible easy to carry around. The speakers fold in half to make for easy storage. As an added bonus, the audio cable folds away too, which means zero tangling.
My only gripe is that the i-Station GO speakers do not come with rechargeable batteries. Of course, users can use rechargeable batteries, but being able to charge the speakers, or run them off a power supply when indoors would have been a real plus.
Sound and usability
For their size, these speakers provide fantastic sound. I was surprised to find the speakers provided more clarity than my car's (which have not been souped up), even if they could not supply the same volume.
The i-Staion GO speakers pick up even the most subtle of sounds, providing precise sound for most music genres even at full blast. The speakers also handle distortion well, but this is limited to lower volume levels.
That said, the speakers provide more than enough volume to fill a room. They are also adequate for outdoor use, providing users are not supplying sound to a soccer stadium.
The Logic 3 speakers are also user-friendly. Simply plug in your MP3 (or equivalent device), and hit play. Apart from putting in the batteries, there is no set up required.
Good: Great sound, easy to carry around 
Bad: Runs on batteries and has no charging function 
Rating: 9/10 
Recommended retail price: R299.95
Weight: 340 grams 
Power: 2 – 4 watts 
Radio output: No 
Input/output: Audio jack 3.5 mm 
Power supply: 4 x AAA batteries 

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