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MJ Khan, our resident PlayStation game reviewer, drew up a list of his top 5 iPad games. 

I got my iPad about five weeks ago, and even though I did not expect to play games on it (I'm an avid console gamer), I found that I preferred the iPad to the console. This is probably due to the novelty of the tablet, but I do enjoy the games.

It will be impossible to go through the thousands of games on the app store in five weeks, so don't read this as "The 5 Best iPad Games". The list is not in numerical order.

Please note I have a South African and US iTunes account.

Angry Birds 

This game is the reason that I made the effort to get an US account (ok, it wasn't that difficult to do). Angry Birds has become an institution, reaching both critical acclaim and pop culture status (an example of this could be Luke mentioning it on Modern Family, and Robin in How I Met your Mother). The premise of the game is to fling kamikaze birds at green pigs in a bid to rescue their stolen eggs (Jon Robbie from Talk Radio 702 thought it was ridiculous too).

Bunny Shooter

This is the first game that I downloaded so there is a level of sentimentality attached to it. It tries to recreate the success of Angry Birds by replacing the bird slingshot with a bow and arrow and the pigs with rabbits. I actually prefer this game to Angry Birds as I feel that more skill is required. Also, if you aren’t able to finish a level, the app will give you a tip the next day. I have lost count of how many games I have abandoned due to a difficult level so this is quite cool. 

Where's my Water

Without a doubt, my favourite iPad game. This physics based game by Disney requires you to guide water to Swampy the anthropomorphic alligator. Before you roll your eyes at the childish plot, I must say that this game is head above shoulders of anything I have played on the iPad. With 120 levels of ooze, acid, bombs and steam to navigate past, this game is an essential purchase.

Scribblenauts Remix

I enjoyed the initial Scribblenauts on the 3DS, and it feels natural on the iPad. Adding more variety and words, Scribblenauts Remix is a quirky take on the platform/puzzle genre that needs to be played by all.

Plants vs Zombies HD

PopCap have gained a reputation for making deceptively simple yet addictive video games. I've spent many hours playing Chuzzle, Bejeweled and Peggle but no PopCap game has enchanted me quite like Plants vs Zombies. Like Scribblenauts, even if you have played it on a different platform before, the game seems perfect for the iPad. With new weapons, and zombies (PopCap had to remove the Michael Jackson inspired zombie after his death - it would have been insensitive) it's hard not to justify the purchase of this game, even if you have it on PC.  

Feel free to recommend your top games that you think I should try. I am going to download Infinity Blade 2 tonight. Look out for a review!

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