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For those who want to jump on the tablet bandwagon without hurting their pockets, TabletWorld's DynaPad may be an option.

The DynaPad's seven-inch multi-touch-screen places it somewhere between a smartphone and an orthodox tablet, like the iPad or Motorola Xoom, which have slightly bigger screens at nine inches.
The DynaPad measures 197 x 120 x 13.2mm, and weighs 382g.
Multifunctional gadget
The gadget can be used as a phone or a GPS device. However, using it as a phone feels somewhat awkward because of its size. It also comes with built-in 3G and WiFi, which enables Internet connectivity on the go, while simultaneously accommodating calls and SMSes.
At R2 299, the DynaPad is arguably one of the cheapest tablets in SA. It is armed with the Qualcomm CPU and the Android 2.2 operating system, also known as Froyo. It features a 5MP back camera, which, I would say, is standard. On the other hand, the front-facing camera, at 0.3MP, is rather weak.
The DynaPad's screen has a WVGA LCD display with capacitance touch-screen at 800x480 pixels resolution. This allows perfect response to the slightest of touches. A user can also watch movies on the device after connecting it to a PC.
Preloaded games, apps
The gadget comes preloaded with apps like Angry Birds, News24, Kindle, TuneinRadio, Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, Jango and Soundhound. I particularly enjoyed playing the Rovio-powered game, Angry Birds, on the DynaPad. Shooting those flightless birds has never felt the same.
The device is also compatible with other games, which users can find on the preinstalled Android Market.
Switching the device on and off is not an easy feat, due to the power switch's location. It's hidden on the edge of the device, at the top-right corner. Moreover, the switch is buried in a groove, which makes it quite elusive for users without long nails.
Storage capacity
In terms of storage, internally, the DynaPad has 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM; but with the plethora of apps that come preinstalled, there is no free space left internally, thereby rendering it useless on its own. The included 4G microSD card boosts storage capacity significantly, however.
Regarding connectivity, the DynaPad has a mini USB 2.0 port, T-Flash, 3.5mm headphone and a built-in microphone. Its headphone jack can be used for media, videos and voice calls. The gadget also comes with a rechargeable polymer battery.
In conclusion, TabletWorld's DynaPad is a sleek tablet, which I would recommend to those who need a cheap, but trendy, gadget.
CPU: Qualcomm MSM7227-T (800MHz + 320MHz (DSP) + 400MHz modem)
Memory: 512MB RAM + 512MB ROM
Storage: Up to 32G using microSD
Display: 7-inch WVGA LCD display with capacitance touch-screen, 800x480 pixels
Operating system: Android 2.2
I/O ports: Mini USB 2.0; T-Flash, 3.5mm headphone, built-in microphone
Camera: 0.3MP front-facing camera; 5MP rear camera
Battery type: Rechargeable polymer battery, 3.7V 4250 mAh, 15WH
Connectivity: Built-in 3G (WCDMA), WiFi
Size: 197 x 120 x 13.2mm
Weight: 382g
Pros: Responsive multi-touch-screen
Cons: Awkward on/off button location, large
Rating: 7/10
Price: R2 299

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