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The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is sleek and solid, but while it makes for great desktop use, it is impractical for use on your lap. 

Look and feel

The keyboard has a simple design with a glossy finish. At 7.5mm thick, and weighing around 750g, it is easy to carry. It is full-sized and has well-spaced keys that are highly responsive; however, it won't fit in a laptop bag.
The size also means it is bigger than the average lap, and I found typing on it tricky when not supported by a desk. While it is fairly standard for keyboards to feature the alphabetical keys on the left-hand side, the result is that the keyboard is hard to balance when it is unsupported. I couldn't help wishing the designers had taken this into account.
Power consumption
Logitech claims the keyboard can work for up to three months in complete darkness on a single charge. At the same time, it is able to charge from any light source, not only sunlight. A feature I really like is a button that lets you see how well the keyboard is charging.
When pressed, a green or red light will show up, indicating a strong or weak level of charge. Office light tends to provide a strong level of charge, making this keyboard excellent for business and desktop use.
Usability and connectivity
The keyboard requires virtually no set up. It comes with a unifying receiver that is plugged into a USB port. Once this is plugged in, and the keyboard has been turned on, it works without the need for drivers to be installed.
Logitech also boasts that the receiver is so small it can be left in a laptop. The receiver is indeed small enough that it can be stored with a laptop in a laptop carrier bag.
I did, however, find it frustrating that the keyboard does not indicate when caps lock is on. While this may be to save power, the likelihood of using the laptop for three months in the dark is pretty slim. I feel a keyboard that charges from electronic light should easily manage a light-up feature for when the caps lock is on; especially considering this function is not used for extended periods.
At 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, the keyboard is highly responsive, and typing appears instantaneously on screen.
In summary
The Logitech keyboard is a great choice for anyone wanting a wireless keyboard, because there is no need for batteries. Its charging capacity is great, and its ability to last three months without any source of charge means you are unlikely to ever run out of power.
However, the design needs some tweaking, as unintentionally typing in caps lock is frustrating.
Pros: The keyboard is wireless and solar-powered 
Cons: It doesn't fit comfortably on your lap, and doesn't indicate when caps lock is on 
I say: I won't spend money on PC accessories unless they are perfect 
Price: R896.45