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Though the system boasts of fantastic sound quality, it is rather pricey and needs some muscles to assemble.

The Samsung D6750WK Home Theatre System is easy to install and thanks to its many inputs, it doubles up as a sound system.

The system has a sleek design that is unobtrusive and easy on the eye. While its console is not the slimmest on the market, it is certainly not bulky. The console can also be conveniently stowed in most wall units.

It includes a number of well-spaced ports, so the user can enjoy a variety of different media. These include two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, an FM antennae and a LAN Ethernet port.


The home theatre system comes with two front speakers, a centre speaker, two surround-sound speakers, a subwoofer and a tweeter unit. This provides a great audio experience. The two surround speakers can connect wirelessly with the player, allowing the user to place them quite far back, dependent on the size of the screen.

For ideal sound, the back speakers should be positioned at a distance of 2.5 to three times the size of the TV screen, away from the screen.

On installation of the speakers, the system will automatically guide the user through a sound check. This is a great feature and the automatic sound calibration (ASC) microphone helps ensure that the audio is balanced. The ASC microphone reads the audio when the guided sound check is carried out to ensure that all the speakers are connected properly and well-positioned.

The system is ideal for a large room. The bass is intense and incredibly clear. If the subwoofer is placed too prominently in the room, it will draw out the other speakers. However, the system will alert the user if this is the case.

The system comes with a separate iPod dock and is compatible with LPCM, AAC, MP3, MKV, WMA and WMV (1/2/3/7/9) files. It can also play video and audio files straight from a flash drive.


In addition to blu-ray disks, the player can read 3D movie disks. While blu-ray and 3D disks take longer to load, I found the picture to be flawless and there was no time lag while viewing. It decodes JPEG, PNG, GIF and HD JPEG, so it`s great for viewing photos when plugged into a monitor.

It is necessary to purchase 3D glasses separately in order to watch 3D content. These are not the standard glasses that are provided by cinemas. They feature red and blue filters on the left and right lenses respectively. The 3D image that results is captivating although it will be dependent on the quality of the actual 3D (the 3D version of Avatar was used for the review).

The console also has a touch-sensitive control panel that is very responsive and lights up. I found this a very useful feature, especially when changing DVDs in a dark room. However, as the panel is not lit up all the time, it does not interfere with viewing.


The Samsung D6750WK Home Theatre System is incredibly easy to install and set up and I would say a quick glance at the manual is all that is needed to set up the machine. The set-up does, however, require some muscle and a screwdriver because the speakers need some assembling.

The system does not have too many cables and it comes with clamps that keep cables tidy. The back speakers connect wirelessly, so they can be placed at the back of a large room and connected to a separate power connection, which means eliminates cables running the length of the lounge.

The connections are also clearly marked and the cables can be connected to the speakers using a clip mechanism.

The system integrates seamlessly with a monitor (The Samsung D550CIR Plasma TV was used for this review) and the Blu-ray remote controlled both systems. The player`s graphic user interface (GUI) is accessed easily via the monitor. The GUI is user-friendly, providing easy, intuitive scrolling between clearly labelled sections.

At a recommended retail price of R9 999, the Samsung`s D6750WK Home Theatre System is pricey. However, its high-end features, like 3D viewing, make it a good purchase for people who take their entertainment seriously. Unfortunately, the 3D glasses are R799 a pair, which could prove costly if entertaining a family.


Memory (built in): 2GB 
Speakers: 1 central, 2 front, 2 back (surround sound), sub woofer 
Super Tweeter Unit: Yes 
Accessories: Composite cable, automatic sound calibration microphone, antenna, HDMI cable, optical cable, cloth 
Dimensions (W x H x D): 
Sub woofer: 200 x 390 x 350mm 
Front speakers: 90 x 1320 x 119mm 
Back speakers: 90 x 1300 x 119mm 
Centre speaker: 360 x 74.5 x 68.4mm 
Console weight: 3.9kg 
Pros: Fantastic sound 
Cons: Needs screwdriver to assemble 
Rating: 7/10 
Recommended retail price: R9 999.00 
Samsung 3D glasses: sold separtely for R799.00

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