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Virgin Mobile now offers a 3G data modem for R50 per month, without bundled data.

Virgin Mobile has introduced a mobile broadband contract package that allows subscribers to “pay-as-you-surf”.

The FlexiStick 3G HSPA+ Modem contract costs R50 per month, over a 24-month period, and includes a 21.1Mbps HSPA+ modem.

“Unlike competitor contracts, it does not include any mandatory data bundle for the month that is charged, irrespective of whether all the data is used or not,” says Virgin.

All data usage, from the first megabyte, is charged in arrears at month-end and treated as out-of-bundle usage, which is priced at a rate of 60c per MB.

Pricing for mobile data bundles has become increasingly competitive, with 8ta offering bundles at a rate of 1-1.9c per MB (for its 10GB bundles). In comparison to the bundle offerings from other service providers, the new pay-as-you-surf contract from Virgin is still relatively expensive.

Chief marketing and strategy officer for Virgin Mobile Jonathan Newman says: “With this contract offer, our customers effectively pay as they surf, using only what they need, without the usual wastage of data bundles.”

Virgin Mobile (a mobile virtual network operator) introduced its 3G broadband data services in February, piggybacking on Cell C`s new HSPA+ network.

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