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The fifth studio album by former South African band Seether, is so soft I can actually fall asleep to it.

Their previous albums have always had a couple of hits waiting in the pipeline, but Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray only carries two strong offerings. One being the first single Country Song which already peaked at #1 on the US Mainstream Rock charts and the other spot goes to Here and Now.

The reason I'm putting my money on these two songs is quite simple if you are an avid fan. Country Song has the same drive, catchy hooks  and "umpf" found on hits like Remedy (Karma and Effect), Gasoline (Disclaimer II) and Fake It (Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces) with Here and Now reminds me a lot of Rise Above This with its melodic guitars and ballad-like chorus.

I miss the screaming vocals and over-distorted guitars. I was expecting Seether to finally record their equivalent of Metallica's Black album or at least push for Nirvana's Nevermind. Instead we got the alternative version of modern pop.

Even when they go soft on us songs like Pass Slowly and Tonight manages to mildly impress me as Seether pulls away from the rage and anger and tries to write radio friendly songs – most probably instructed to do so by their label.

The rest of the album remains as memorable as the top ten contestants of the previous season of Mnet’s Idols.

Yay or Nay

Personally I am disappointed in the album as a whole and would only recommend the singles mentioned above.

Production wise, it is a very strong album but I don’t buy albums because they have a great production team behind them. I buy Seether albums because they simply rock and move me. I give Seether credit for all they have achieved over the last few years but after listening to Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray I am feel they have taken a step back, even if the record sales and album charts sways in their favour.

Ok-ish album but not their best to date.

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