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If you spend a lot of time using your iPad, you may feel the strain of the device against your forearm. The tablet is usually propped on the left forearm, while the right hand is used for browsing. 

At times, you may not want to place your iPad on your lap, but rather have it standing upright, on a table, in front of you.

Solution? The Belkin FlipBlade for iPad.

It works for both the iPad and the iPad 2. Yes, there are several iPad stands available on the market, but the Belkin FlipBlade stands out because of its simple and minimalistic design. It is aesthetically appealing, so if you’re going for looks, apart from functionality, look no further. It takes up very little space and holds the device up quite solidly. 

The FlipBlade is made with aluminum and plastic and has a spring-loaded mechanism that opens itself (to about a 270 degree angle) when the clasp at the base is released. The iPad can sit comfortably in both portrait and landscape modes. To close the stand, all you have to do is push the metal back into its original position before unclasping; you will then hear a clicking sound. 

The FlipBlade works best in a situation where you're using your iPad for demonstration; you don’t have to worry about holding the tablet in your hand while speaking. Also, if you have a limited workspace, it would be your best option to invest in one of these. It is compact and fits easily into your bag, therefore making it easy to travel with. 
The not so fantastic feature is that you can’t adjust the viewing angle once the iPad sits on the FlipBlade, which isn’t a huge problem, but would’ve been a nice option.
If you are using your iPad in portrait mode, you won’t be able to connect a USB cable for charging or syncing. Unless you have a lapdesk, the FlipBlade is pretty much useless if you are using your iPad in bed. 
Overall, the Belkin FlipBlade for iPad is a very handy accessory that is easy to travel with, convenient and sturdy. 
Pros: Sturdy; easy to travel with; aesthetically appealing.
Cons: Viewing angle fixed; iPad can’t charge in portrait mode.
Rating: 8/10
Price: R399
Contact: Spectrum Multimedia – 011 807 0707 

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