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The second album, This Loud Morning, by David Cook, since winning season 7 of American Idol in 2008, has left me wanting.

Not the type of wanting I had while listening to his self-titled release; after wowing the world with his screaming choruses and the promise that we might have a modern day combination of Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose.

As a whole, the album is simply too clean and mellow. With sixteen people adding their writing talents to the album, I found it amazing how not one of the twelve songs jumped out as a possible hit. One might even say there where too many cooks in the kitchen.

There might be the 'hits' that radio stations will create in the form of Right here, with you; 4 letter word and We believe. Frankly, I am not convinced by anything radio station shove down our throats as it all reeks of commercial sub-tones, similar to the feeling I got from this album.

Yay or nay

I would not recommend This Loud Morning simply because it doesn’t live up to what David Cook has to offer. Right now he has this powerful voice that is being wasted on weak rock ballads.

Maybe if he pushed some boundaries and experimented with and edgier pop-rock sound he might have nailed it.

Nay. If you must have it then buy it at own risk but I am not convinced this is his best work.

Buy David Cook's This Loud Morning from the Nokia Music Store for R80.

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