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Your dogs and cats might be covered in fur (unless you own hairless breeds), but in winter they also need help to ensure that they stay comfortable and warm.  

Although winter in South Africa is nowhere near as extreme as it tends to be in other parts of the world, it can and does get rather cold here as well. Many pets in South Africa stay outdoors year-round – and even if they’re allowed indoors, many cats prefer to freely roam around outside – and while you can always add more blankets to their kennels or shelters, it might not be sufficient to keep them warm enough.

This winter, as you snuggle up in front of heaters and turn your electric blankets on at night, you can extend the same favour to your beloved pets with the Lectro-Soft heated outdoor bed.

Manufactured by American company K&H, whose heated Lectro-Kennels have been successfully providing warmth to pets during long winters for 30 years, the Lectro-Soft is a low-wattage heated pad that can be used both indoors and outside on porches, balconies and doghouses/cat shelters.
An internal thermostat heats the pad up to 102 Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) and will maintain that temperature as long as the pet lies upon it, even during subzero weather. But don’t worry; your cat won’t become toast or your pooch a hot dog when they sleep on it. That is actually the normal body temperature for dogs and cats, and the Lectro-Soft merely helps the animals to retain it, thereby keeping them comfortable all night long.
The pad is made of a soft, but durable PVC which does not absorb water and the Lectro-Soft’s electrical cord is steel-wrapped to ensure the animal’s safety. However, the manufacturers warn that you should not use this product if your pet has destructive tendencies, recommending its more chew-and-scratch-and-bite resistant, original Lectro-Kennel instead.
The Lectro-Soft is available in small, medium and large sizes and can be bought locally from e-retailer WantItAll where a large sells for R1 386.
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