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Core Gaming, Nintendo’s official distributor in South Africa, has confirmed that Wii Play’s successor, Wii Play: Motion, will be released locally in June.

The Wii Play: Motion, which will have its players twisting and turning as they chase ghosts, scoop ice cream and skip stones over a lake, will be released in South Africa on June 24. This follow-up to the wildly popular, best-selling Wii Play will be exclusively bundled with a special red Wii Remote Plus and will consist of twelve mini-games to specifically show off the remote’s enhanced motion capabilities.

The player’s personalised Mii character can be used in all twelve of the new Wii Play: Motion mini-games, which will transport the players to a variety of unexpected, interesting settings and put them through the paces as they face various challenges. In the mini-game “Wind Runner”, Mii characters will navigate an obstacle-laden racecourse using an umbrella and roller skates.

“Skip Skimmer” will see the Mii character attempt to skip stones along a lake and “Treasure Twirl” will challenge them to hunt treasure deep under the sea.
Although all the mini-games can be played alone in single player mode, up to three other players can join in the fun. For example, in the mini-game “Spooky Search”, a group of players can team up to quickly catch and collect ghosts that have escaped from the television screen into the living room and ‘drag’ them back into the TV screen again. Likewise, four family members or friends can compete against each other in the “Skip Skimmer” mini-game.
Wii Play: Motion will arrive in South Africa on June 24. Pricing details have yet to be released.
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