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Long Live Tonight by CrashCarBurn is a brilliant piece of work.

I didn't give the band much attention when their debut EP launched in 2006, or even with the release of The City Needs a Hero in 2007. I always saw them as the little kids from Tweak who grew up. Well, they sure have grown up, and into a band that deserves the respect of every alternative rock music fan.

Once you move beyond the commercial garbage that floods the alternative rock/punk pop market and really listen to this album, you will find a band who loves creating music.

The 14 track album contains the single Twisted which is receiving some well-deserved airplay. A solid rock ballad that sets the stage for songs like Green Eyes Blue Skies and So Long September, which impresses with their anthem choruses.

The vocal and guitar work by Garth Barnes (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Fabian Sing (lead guitar/backing vocals) is some of the best I've heard in a long time. With firm support from Etienne van Rensburg and Brendan Barnes on bass and drums respectively, CrashCarBurn manages to keep you listening to every track on the album.

Moving between various chopping and picking styles, they break each song into a journey of distorted grunge. Winter is the best example of this progression whilst Die Beautiful and the title track Long Live Tonight sticks to a more familiar power pop structure.

Most songs in their genre have a basic verse chorus verse structure and bridges that are created to extend the play time beyond four minutes. This album respects the basic rules of music and offers superb production and musicianship.

Piano Interlude is like musical sex on the album. Slow intros swelling into massive guitar solos, crashing drums and screaming vocals always get to me. Essentially that is what music is about and CrashCarBurn gets it. Skin Versus Bone drips of it both lyrically and musically.

Yay or Nay

I love the tempo of the album as it moves between its youthful energy and slow emotional roars of angst. The lyrics are very slick and musically I am very impressed with CrashCarBurn as a band. Long Life Tonight is on my home and work PC, I have it on two cellphones and it is playing in my car. I think that qualifies as a yay.

Yet another South African album that impresses me more than international productions. If you are into The Ataris and American Hi-Fi then CrashCarBurn should receive your support.

They have mine.

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