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There are some days when you simply have to wear that special jacket or dress, only to make the unpleasant discovery that it smells like the cat or that smoky café you had supper in last week.

The dry cleaner is already closed and not even the fast cycle on the washing machine will be speedy enough to help you solve this clothing conundrum. But no matter how clingy or overwhelming the smell, there is no need to panic or to tear the offending outfit from your body in despair, because there is a nifty gadget that has been designed for exactly this sort of emergency.
Called the Garment Deodoriser and resembling a hi-tech clothing hanger, it provides users with a way to quickly and easily remove any odours from clothes and clean it without using any detergent or water.
To use, simply hang the offensive outfit over the battery-operated Garment Deodoriser, put the included garment bag around it, zip it up, and hey presto, in about 40 minutes, your outfit will emerge fresh-smelling and clean.
The appropriately branded FreshCLOZ Garment Deodoriser manages this feat courtesy of its patented CPZ filter, which generates O3. The built-in fan ensures that the O3, along with the scent from the included scent packet, is circulated throughout the garment, where it neutralises the odour-causing bacteria and germs by up to 97%. Even the most stubborn smells, such as smoke, perfume and even perspiration, is removed from the fibres of your clothing without a sweat or a trace.
Since it is a dry, chemical free cleaning device, it can treat and refresh even the gentlest of fabrics without causing any damage, deterioration, stretching or shrinking. Use it on your hats, scarves, jackets and even shoes and boots. The Garment Deodoriser includes four C batteries and can be bought ordered locally from Take2 for R1 297. Not exactly small change, but if you think how much money it can potentially save you on dry cleaning bills, it could be a worthwhile investment.
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