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English folk rock bands aren’t normally on of my list of music to buy, so it's surprising that I've decided to review the debut album of Mumford & Sons.

Since this album was released in 2009, it can’t actually count as a new release. It did however, create a buzz around the world when the four-piece band from the UK managed to get themselves nominated for the Best New Artist and Best Rock Song categories at the recent Grammy Awards.

Little Lion Man, which received the nomination for Best Rock Song, makes me wonder about the people behind the Grammy Awards who classify music into genres. It is clearly not a rock song and sticks to the overall acoustic driven folk sound the band shares with most other English folk bands. The Cave stands out as the strongest song on a album that reminds me too much of the sound track to some English/hillbilly movie showing after ten on E-TV.

If you purchase the Limited Deluxe edition, you receive the full album as well as 12 tracks recorded live during a performance at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London. These twelve tracks proved to be more enjoyable than the studio album itself. As a band, they play in perfect harmony and fill their choruses with majestic backing vocals. This recording also has a warmer, raw feel to it that is lost on the album.

Musically, Mumford & Sons are in a folk league of their own. Sigh No More has no chart-topping hits, yet it found itself on the UK charts and Billboard Hot 200 in the US. They didn't become popular because they are cool, they became popular because they have a musical talent.

Final verdict

While I appreciate and applaud their talent, I cannot in good faith say that this is one of the best bands I have ever heard in this genre. Something is too familiar about it after the second listen.

It leaves you in awe of their incredible skills whilst wanting to break a few windows out of frustration. I am conflicted between loving it and absolutely hating it.

You really need to be into acoustic folk rock to enjoy it and this music style is not everyone's cup of tea.

Buy it at your own risk.

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