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It is handheld, has a high resolution touch screen and can be used to read e-books, play games and even to watch videos – and it is aimed at the 4- to 9-year old set.

Although the above description makes is sound a lot like any number of sophisticated smartphones and other devices for ‘grown-ups’ – such as the iPad – the Leapster Explorer is meant for child’s play. Okay, so it’s child’s play with the purpose of educating as well as entertaining, but it will definitely make learning more fun.
The device, by toy manufacturer LeapFrog, is a follow-up from its Leapster 2, which is a handheld gaming console for 3- to 5-year olds.
The Leapster Explorer, although just as hardy and childproof as its predecessor for the younger kids, features a crisper, 3.2 inch (about 8.12 centimetres), 420 x 420-pixel touchscreen, a souped-up processor that enables the device to run video, Flash-based games and 3D graphics. It also boasts 512 MB of memory, which will enable players to save their progress.
It comes preloaded with twelve games and 18 Leaplet learning apps. Learning games cartridges sell for about R220 (some games are less), and the recognisable titles, which include Disney Fairies, Ben 10, Dora the Explorer and Toy Story 3, are bound to light up any little player’s eyes. But while playing, the little ones will be learning valuable school skills like reading, maths, geography, science and life and creative skills like problem solving, music and health.
Since the device doubles as an e-book reader, kids will be able to buy and read e-books (which are also available as Leaplet learning apps) from the Tag library. The Explorer has a different online component as well. By connecting the device via USB to a PC or Mac, users can access LeapFrogConnect to play more online games and parents can also log on to monitor what their kids are playing and learning.
The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System is available locally from Have2Have for R778.95.
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