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There’s definitely nothing fairy-like about this album.

It’s very difficult to find a band that makes you want to listen to an entire album. The 70s made it hard for this generation to catch up, let alone keep up without sounding lame. Yet The Sick-Leaves’ Last Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy does just that; takes you back to when rock ‘n roll was really rock ‘n roll.
The Sick-Leaves is the creation of Eksteen Jacobsz; singer, songwriter and guitarist, who conceptualised this album – bar the drums – all on his own; clever boy. But this album isn’t for daytime radio. It is far more epic to be played alongside Lady Gaga. Heavy slapping bass and scaling guitar riffs make for one interesting journey.
Far more epic, even, than previous albums, with songs like Come and Go and Heartland overshadowing older songs like Uncovered, Jacobsz’ raw, grungy voice is far more apparent and the immense sound makes for one very well-constructed album. The Sick-Leaves show progress, unlike most bands that start going downhill from the first single. This one is a keeper. Even though at some parts of songs, Jacobsz does sound like one of the Pet Shop Boys.
Previous albums, SAMA-nominated Tunnel Vision and Stone the Crow (2007 and 2009 respectively), were sheer walls of sound, with the guitar overpowering Jacobsz’ voice. This one is far simpler, without fancy gimmicks. The music speaks for itself, unlike previously where the band tried to do too much.
However, the fact that this is The Sick-Leaves’ third album and the band is yet to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues, makes one wonder whether this is the right direction for an SA band to be going. Not radio-friendly, not daytime-play friendly, not for Sunday trips to the beach. Perhaps this kind of music would fare much better in the UK or Europe. This market won’t buy it. Even though they should.
Plus: Flawless precision and perfect execution
Minus: Not accessible to the masses, which may not be a bad thing
MyDigitalLife says: Don’t bother if you’re not a fan of raw indie almost Brit-pop-esque epic rock.
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