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Tetris needs no introduction. At some (early) point in our lives, we all played it, and we all loved it. 

Entertaining kids, teenagers and adults for the past 26 years, it is now available on the Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. 
Tetris Party Deluxe for the DS offers a wide variety of game modes and is guaranteed to keep you engaged for hours. Literally. If you’re competitive like us, then once you start on Marathon mode, it will take you a few days to even look at other options on the menu screen. 
Other modes include Computer Battle (great if you’re looking for a challenge), Field Climber (build blocks upwards to let the little guy escape to the top), Stage Racer (we never quite got that one), Sprint (clear 40 lines in the fastest time – one of our favourites; best time sitting at 2’08”80), Master and Bombliss modes. You might end up finding a favourite and sticking to it for several days, because that is the nature of Tetris.
You can choose to play single player, or more excitingly, wireless play. If you have a friend with a DSi XL, join a room and the two of you can battle each other out. Yet again, very engaging and competitive. Things may even get ugly, you’ve been warned.
If we had to recommend a single game to get for the DS, it would be Tetris Party Deluxe. It is well worth every penny spent. Here at the My Digital Life headquarters, Tetris was played every single day since the review copy landed on our desk. As for productivity levels, we managed to keep them stable. Well, sort of.
Good: keeps you engaged for hours; makes an excellent travel companion.
Bad: a huge productivity killer.
Verdict: a must-have if you own a Nintendo DS.
Score: 9/10
RRP: R399
Contact:; 011 535 9000

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