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Working out your workouts. Strapping on the Garmin FR60 is the closest most of us will come to attaching a personal trainer to one’s wrist.

The waterproof fitness watch monitors your workouts so that time in the gym, or on the road, is never spent in vain.
The sporty, light watch measures time, heart rate and calories burnt. When paired with Garmin’s foot pod, you can measure distance covered and average speeds. The watch also has a simulation that allows users to race against a ‘virtual training partner’, perfect for the times when your gym buddy is unavailable.
What makes the watch more like a personal trainer, and less like a monitoring watch, is all data stored on the wrist device sent wirelessly through to Garmin Connect, on your computer, where it can be accurately analysed. The ANT+ wireless link means that there are no plug-ins or cables to bother with.
Once your training data is uploaded to a computer, the data can be recorded, analysed and shared on Garmin’s line community, Garmin Connect. The ANT+ wireless link pairs up with the foot pod and the heart rate monitor, so that all the information captured by the separate devices may be analysed on your computer.
The only downfall of Garmin’s latest contribution to fitness is that it is fairly complex to set up. It takes quite some time deciphering the online manuals before you can hit the track. Basically in the beginning it’s like having a personal trainer who speaks only Chinese. It takes a while to figure it out, but once you do, your fitness will be easy to monitor making your physical goals more attainable.

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