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Photographers strapped for camera battery power could soon get it from a rather unexpected camera accessory.

Few things are more frustrating to photographers than having their camera’s batteries die on them while there are still plenty of photo opportunities around them, but no chargers, extra batteries, or electric wall sockets nearby. A Chinese inventor has come up with a bright idea that may mean the end to such interrupted – or prematurely ended – picture-snapping sessions.
The Solar Camera Strap, by inventor Weng Jie of Yanko Design, will place the power around the photographer’s neck by turning ordinary camera straps into ‘solar-savvy’ accessories. The straps, which are currently being developed in China, will contain thin solar films across the width of the strap. By harnessing energy from the rays of the sun, the strap would then feed an electric current into an SLR unit. Since the photographer will be toting the power around, his/her camera is less likely to run out of power.
Prototypes of the straps are expected to be completed within the next few months, but apparently there is a less bright side to the eco-friendly product. According to a report in the Daily Mail newspaper, the straps could also still run out of power when there is not enough sunlight. And, since there is no way of switching the solar panels, the report states that regular batteries could not be added as a substitute.
Other than that drawback, it is still one of inventor Jie’s brighter ideas, and much more practical and useful than his quirky and corny pillow idea.
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