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If you enjoyed the Little Bit of Brain Training Arts Edition that came preloaded on the Nintendo DSi, you’ll most likely enjoy Professor Layton and the Curious Village. 

This adventure puzzle game will keep you engaged for hours on end. The game follows Professor Layton and his young assistant Luke. It is set in a village called St Mystere and just about everyone (and everything) in town wants you to solve a brainteaser when coming into contact with them. The storyline revolves around a mysterious will and a golden treasure, with a murder mystery thrown in. 
Gameplay on the DSi is fairly straightforward. When coming across an object or person, all you have to do is tap the screen with the stylus to investigate. Puzzles don’t necessarily have to be solved in sequence as you can always return to complete them. Having said that, some puzzles need to be solved in order to progress in the game.
Puzzles range from brainteasers to sliding puzzles to logic puzzles, etc. Each player starts off with ten hint coins, with more available throughout the game, hidden in the village. The longer it takes to solve a puzzle, the fewer points are awarded, so think carefully before answering. 
Overall, this is a fun game to own and definitely worth the hours spent playing.
In Summary
Rating: 83%
Best for: Beginners, enthusiasts and experts
My Digital Life says: A must-have if you enjoy puzzles and brainteasers
Plus: Engaging and educational
Minus: Some puzzles can get difficult; repetitive background music
Contact: Core –  087 9403005,
Price: R499
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