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emenim Getting an album by top artists a day or two before its official release has become a mere formality the last few years for those who choose to ignore the legal download routes. 

It is as simple as browsing a torrent website and loading the torrent file in your client of choice, then waiting for the sharing to commence.

While I firmly believe this has nothing to do with clever marketing, since the artists actually lose revenue on sales, I believe that the same cannot be said when it comes to the technology industry.

I would even go as far as to say that it is the new wave of hype creation which is costing companies far less via social networking services than traditional marketing methods. Then again, maybe the record industry is using it as a marketing ploy.

Getting drunk with new gadgets

Gadget and technology website was one of the first sites to report on the iPhone 4 leak.

We all remember the sad story of Gray Powell who had a prototype with him the night he celebrated his birthday in Redwood City, California. He conveniently forgot the next generation phone on a bar stool and the rest, is Internet history.

Everybody was talking about the new phone, they were tweeting about it, blogging about it and it would not surprise me if most already started saving for it. Over 1.7-million units found a home within the first three days of its official launch.

We've seen HTC leaks, and the Samsung Intercept was also conveniently leaked and whenever BlackBerry comes out with a new phone, it is old news thanks to sources who leak it. It is human nature to share stuff with people, especially if it's something you have and they don’t. Being the “owner” of leaked products, software or music is more important than whether it actually works and sounds 100%. Could this be what companies are hoping for?

The Mac Observer believes that Apple leaks are controlled to keep people talking about Apple. In John Martellaro’s article titled How Apple does controlled leakes he says, “when I was a senior marketing manager at Apple, I was instructed to do some controlled leaks.” Looking at the gallery of Apple product leaks, it appears his words are carry some truth to them.

Single drops turn into floods

The latest victim of online 'leaks' in the music industry is none other than Eminem, who’s album was available online two weeks prior to its release date. Ironically he has spent the last two weeks at the number one spot on the Billboard charts which calculate positions based on sales across physical and digital platforms.

You simply cannot compete with that unless you are also the victim of an album leak the week your album is set to be launched. Now the focus shifts to the “latest” victim Big Boi. His album first leaked almost a year ago but labels only complained about it online the week of the release. A bit convenient if you ask me.

I am willing to bet we will see his name on the chart very soon. Would it have been there if not for the leak?

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