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My Digital Life (myDL) is a social media website that pays people to blog – and was the first website in South Africa to do so.

It is a virtual hub for people living the digital lifestyle to connect to each other by sharing knowledge and experience around all things digital, as well as other topics of interest. 

It pays to blog on MyDL
With My Digital Life (launched in August 2007), ITWeb was first to locally introduce the royalty fee concept to social media, which reimburses Authors per page impression (local) for original content. Authors are bloggers who've proven they write well, are engaging and consistent in their postings. Members of the site are not limited to text postings and are encouraged to integrate pictures and video clips into their blogs. 
Technology related blog posts earn 20c/hit, while opinion related posts earn 10c/hit. Authors earn "DigiRands" and are allowed to redeem once they reach R200 and increments of R50 thereafter. Authors earn a bonus triple pay on Click-a-Lot Day, which falls on the first Wednesday of every month. Every hit on all posts (old or new) for the 24 hour period is tripled.
My Digital Life not only reimburses their top bloggers, but registered readers as well. "My2Cents" was introduced in March 2010 and it pays 2c for every comment posted in either a blog post or news article, provided it is related to the topic.
Member Zone, ShoutBox
Bloggers can interact with each other via Member Zone and can follow the activity feed to see what the community is up to. The homepage features a ShoutBox that lets registered and logged in members to chat to each other.
The Community
We have a total of 55 active bloggers a month; 46 of whom are Authors. They blog an average of 230 posts a month, which has been steadily growing. A whopping 1,200 comments a month is made on blog posts and articles. 
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email the editor on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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