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The US Senate has recently passed a cyber security bill amongst concerns surrounding the bill's potential infringement on privacy and freedom of speech.

The Protecting Cyberspace as National Asset Act was pushed by Senator Lieberman in an effort to secure online covered critical infrastructures (CCIs). The act would grant government the legislative right to protect what they consider critical infrastructures that, if disrupted, would result in national catastrophe.
The bill stipulates that government would work with the private sector with whom they would share information that may not be disclosed to the public. The private sector may however obtain security clearances to access necessary public information. 
During periods of 'cyber emergency', the bill states that the government, as well as owners and operators of CCIs would be able to 'disable' access to relevant web sites.
Adversaries to the bill claim that it enables the government to utilise a 'kill switch' for the internet which may be easily exploited. In a letter addressing Senate Lieberman, the Centre for Democracy and Technology, as well as 23 other groups, stated that the bill's ambiguity allows the possibili8ty for privacy and freedom of speech to be breached. 
Now that the bill has been passed by the Senate Committee it will pass to the Senate floor at a later date.
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