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Toshiba’s newest line of portable hard drives, the StorE Art 3, is small; and just about fits in your palm. 

It is much lighter than you expect it to be, making it easy to carry around in your bag, or pocket for that matter. 
The stylish, modern design has a sleek finish with a rubber, shock-absorbent edge for bump resistance. The only input is a mini USB. It is 2.5-inch in size and is available in either black or blue. 
The drive features a USB 2.0 interface and is USB powered, therefore does not require any additional external power. It makes carrying the drive around so much easier, as it is a plug and play device. 
There’s plenty of space to back up your documents, photos, music and videos as the drives come in two storage capacities – 750GB and 1TB. Toshiba also provides additional software so users can back-up their data on their PC’s.
The StorE Art 3 series of hard drives also feature additional security measures like data encryption, password protection and an internal shock protection sensor. 
The only thing we didn’t like about the hard drive was its Windows only compatibility. 

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