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SocozaMatchmakingSite A new Web site will now make it much easier for soccer fans who would like to attend the 2010 FIFA World Cup to exchange match tickets with other spectators.

The new online portal, located at www.socoza.com, can almost be described as a match-making Web site, as it hooks up World Cup spectators with tickets to those matches that they would like to attend.

The site eliminates much of the unnecessary red tape spectators have to deal with when trying to adhere to FIFA’s highly criticised and rather stringent World Cup ticket transfer policies. By giving soccer fans this one-stop option to transfer tickets during the World Cup, the founders of the site believe that it will go a long way to reduce the embarrassing amount of empty seats that have been visible in some of the stadiums over the weekend.

Users simply register to the site (registration is free) and list the tickets they have to offer. They can also search for tickets offered or wanted by match, date or venue. Once a matching ticket is posted, they will then be alerted by e-mail or SMS and then they will be able to get in touch with that user to discuss and arrange a ticket transfer among themselves.

Later, users have the option to pay a R100 (about $13) upgrade fee to access advanced features of the site. The fee will grant them access to the chat facility where they can communicate with each other in real time. Socoza recommends that fans still abide by FIFA’s rules.

Apart from offering the ticket swap and exchange service and forums, the site also has real time updated information on sports betting, player and team stats, news and video highlights.

For more information, visit the Socoza Web site (www.socoza.com).

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