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Nokia has announced that it will soon be peddling a special cellphone charging kit that has been designed especially for pedal pushers in the developing world.

Users of the new and eco-friendly Nokia Bicycle Charger kit will be able to charge their Nokia handsets freely and efficiently while riding around on their bicycles. The new dynamo-powered bicycle cellphone charging kit consists of a two mm charger jack that will fit into Nokia handsets like the E72 and the X6, a bottle dynamo and a handlebar mount.
As soon as the bicycle rider reaches a speed of six km/h, the dynamo will begin charging. A ten minute ride at ten km/h should be enough to produce enough cellular battery power for 28 minutes of talk time or 37 hours of standby. When the cyclist cruises along at twelve km/h, the bike charger will receive enough power to match the efficiency of a regular charger. It will stop charging when the bike reaches 50 km/h.
According to the Finnish phone manufacturer, riders will even be able to use the kit in conjunction with Nokia’s Ovi Maps to ensure that they do not get lost while cycling through unfamiliar areas. Those cyclists who want to listen to music while they are out riding but do not want to wear headphones that could possibly prevent them from hearing road noise and traffic, can also use Nokia’s Bicycle Charger Kit to play music aloud without compromising their safety on the road.
The kit will be available towards the end of this year in select markets in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asian Pacific countries. It will retail for around 15 Euros (R140).
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