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Adobe The IT security company, Kaspersky Labs, has released a report on information security threats in Q1 of this year and has found that Adobe is a favourite target.

According to Kaspersky, Adobe products are currently the primary target for hackers and virus writers worldwide due to their prevalence and multi-platform capabilities. 
Also adding to the software's popularity to exploit, says Kaspersky, is the fact that Adobe products users aren't always aware of the potential threats of opening PDF files of unknown origin - PDF documents containing Javascript scenarios that, without the user’s knowledge or consent, download and launch other pieces of malware directly from the Internet.
The Exploit.Win32.Pdfka family, which takes advantages of vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat, says the security company, was by far the most popular with a 42.97% total count.
Kaspersky also notes that another exploit family targeting Adobe products is the Exploit.Win32.Pidief, which together with the Exploit.Win32.Pdfka family account for a total of 47.5%, almost half of all detected exploits. 
Among the top ten most prevalent software vulnerabilities detected on users’ computers, says Kaspersky, three were found in Adobe products, six were found in Microsoft products, and one was found in a Sun product.  
There has been a patch available for one of the Adobe vulnerabilities for the past three years already, but this exploit is still running rampant, says Kaspersky, just showing the lack of users to update their software and protect themselves and their data. 
To curb this problem Adobe has launched an automated update service that runs in the background every time a user connects to the Internet. 
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