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Digital lifestyle post 2000 has become such an integrated part of life that even the Boy Scouts are now getting up to date with the trends.

Getting ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary, the Boy Scouts of America have introduced a new badge to be added to the list of activities their young members can master.

Geocaching is new sport that uses GPS navigation to find hidden treasures and earn a Scout yet another badge to his collection. Similar to using a traditional compass, the new badge would promote the use of technology to navigate to destinations. Making use of GPS devices and Internet resources the course is aimed to promote a balance between technology and the outdoors.

A basic game of Geocaching which lasts for 60 minutes, involves the Scouts receiving three pre-programmed waypoints on their GPS device which they need to find. These locations will be have a cache which the team needs to retrieve, similar to finding a treasure on a treasure map.

There is a strict set of rules that govern how the cache should be hidden for the teams to find.

I can already see kids play hide and seek using GPSs in the future.

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