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For years, the FOR Dummies book collection has always been the butt of all jokes related to you being uninformed in a certain area of life, be it how to make a child, or how to mow the lawn, or even very sinister aspects like, how to sew, how to use an exercise ball etc. The list of subjects in which to end your damning inabilities are endless.
When I got the Ancient Egyptians FOR Dummies copy from InterSoft, I flipped through it a couple times while I was in the loo, and then toss it somewhere in-between my wife’s book collection. I never felt as compelled to read it as other books make you feel. I honestly read the entire book like I would normally read a magazine! That which sparked interest was read, and things like the location of Egypt, the foods and art, I simply flicked through the pages without a worry – that’s the brilliance of a FOR Dummies book, you can read it how you want, when you want and where you want and still feel informed about the subject matter!
It’s written in plain English, even the Egyptians could understand:
The book was well written, Charlotte Booth did a great job. No high level words; I swear a grade 3 child will enjoy reading this book. It was concise but without hard hitting language structure and thought provoking sentences, just normal English, as if the author was telling you a story around a camp fire! 
Information here, there, everywhere
When I first got the book, the sheer size of the thing was overwhelming. A FOR Dummies collection should be quick and to the point, brass, grade 1 type learning. Upon opening it and flipping through it, the information was so structured it was absolutely amazing. I could start from the back of the book and read all the way to the front…and I’ll still understand the Ancient Egyptians and their mystery, as each chapter marked a new beginning, a new aspect to learn about.
Easy navigation with added helpful icons
What I loved about the FOR Dummies book was the ease of navigation throughout the book, information was not just buried in the content, you get reminders of who/what the author is referring to, and you get technical information where the author delves deeper into an artifact or the location of the tombs or the significance of the pyramids. The best icon I found very helpful, was the Mythbusters icon, where it dispels any myths related to the topic at hand and backs it up with hard hitting facts, and research I did found said facts to be true!
If ever you wanted to gain knowledge about a certain discipline or interest fast and to the point, I’d suggest you get yourself a FOR Dummies copy and open your mind to learning, the fun way!

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written by sthomas, December 10, 2010
I would love to read FOR Dummies book. I am an art lover and have always wanted to explore more about Egypt pyramids, their history and new discoveries. Ancient http://www.historicaltravelgui...amids.html

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